Upon walking into Lolla, what struck me first was the bar seating, I hear they’ve a communal table too but it wasn’t opened when I went. The other thing that was interesting was that I got to see the chefs prepare my food (and they got to see me eat my food). Overall it was a good experience, though it was slightly pricey, especially since the portions are small. It’s probably best to go for drinks and snacks, and not when you’re extremely hungry or have friends who are big eaters.


Gem Salad with Anchovies and Garlic ($14) – There wasn’t anything bad about this salad but it wasn’t anything fantastic either. For its price, I wish they’d given a bigger serving or a salad with more substantial components, I mean I probably could’ve bought ten times the amount of anchovies, greens and garlic at the supermart for $14.


Sea Urchin on Squid Ink Pudding ($19) – THIS WAS AMAZING. A sure must try! I don’t know what words to use to describe it cause I don’t think my words can do it justice. It’s a really small portion but you won’t regret it. It’ll be your best $19 spent!


Sweet Clams with Fig and Kimchi Broth (approx. $20) – Clams were well cooked and there weren’t any empty shells (i.e. you get your money’s worth), and the broth was yummy. My only question was: why separate the clams and the broth? Cause I ended up eating them together anyway.


Duck Fat Potatoes ($13) – I ordered these because I missed the duck fat fries I ate in Berkeley. However, these were a far cry from the delicious truffle-like tasting fries I had in Berkeley and so I was quite disappointed. But I must say the potatoes were well cooked, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, a pleasurable texture to eat.


Doughnuts with Lemon Curd ($12) – I think the curd was the winner component in this dessert. The doughnuts were nice and fluffy but the curd was what really made the dish. In fact, my dad and I slurpped up all remaining lemon curd after we’d finished all the doughnuts. It was that good. It feels like the dish should’ve been called “Lemon Curd with Doughnuts”, instead of vice versa.


Steamed Dark Chocolate Pudding ($15) – It was served hot and molten and struck a nice balance between cake and pudding. Accompanied by vanilla bean ice cream from Creamier, it’s the perfect end to a meal at Lolla. In fact, I would actually go back just for this. 

As you can already tell, Lolla is quite pricey, especially relative to it’s small serving portion. It was a good meal experience, made special by the sea urchin pudding and the steamy dark chocolate pudding. I don’t know if I will go back again, maybe if I were around the area and wanted to have something light.


22 Ann Siang Road

Tel: 64231228


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