I’d heard about Morsels for quite a while but never got down to trying it cause they only open for dinner (6-10pm), and I’m usually busy or at home for dinner. So this year, for my 22nd birthday, I decided that I wanted to have dinner there. Having never visited before and therefore not knowing what their menu was like, I called in advance to make a reservation and also ask the lady boss, Petrina, to suggest a menu for a budget of about $50/pax. This is what we got:


House Marinated Olives & Brie Balls with a Salsa-like Sauce


Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche with Tortilla Chips – I really liked this and judging from the comments on their Facebook page about this dish, I think a lot of people concur. It’s a must-order when you visit!


Egg Jello topped with Boquerones (Anchovies) served with Burnt Miso Vinaigrette & Croutons


Tomato Tofu Salad


Grilled Octopus Risotto with Salted Egg Sauce, topped with Tobiko (Roe of Flying Fish) & Wasabi Sprouts


Steamed Clams in Kimchi Fig Broth with Pickled Wakame


Pan-seared Snapper in Miso Buttermilk, topped with Ikura (Salmon Roe) & Daikon Sprouts


Butcher’s Secret: Grilled Bavette served with Confit Fingerling Potatoes, Grilled Shishito Peppers, Pickled Grapes, Onion Jam & Chimichuri Sauce


Panna Cotta with a Red Wine Fruit Compote


With my grandmama who’s just recovering from a double bypass. Was really glad to have had her at the dinner.


My dad got me a Margarita Birthday Cake, and this was after I already had about 4 drinks. I guess some things do change when you’re 22.

Not pictured: Chicken Skewers, Pork Skewers and the Firecracker Pork Pasta with Habanero Pesto & Sour Cream

We paid about $880 in total for 12 people, including about 6 alcoholic drinks and one corkage. Sorry don’t have the exact price for each dish cause we ordered it set menu style.

For my birthday every year, we usually go to a chinese restaurant so having it at Morsels this year was a refreshing change, which many of my guests appreciated too. In terms of price, I felt that because we’d ordered so much, and my dad’s office also happens to be in the same building (i.e. they are work neighbours), there were some things they could’ve waved, for example, the $35 corkage, especially since we did also order their alcohol drinks, and also the $3 charge for extra bread, which by the way, came so late that we were already done with the dish we wanted to have the bread with. It’s not really about the extra $38 but the PR – you want your customers to come back and I thought that would’ve been a nice gesture and would’ve “sealed the deal” for me.

Eating here reminded me of all the nice little owners-are-the-chefs restaurants you try overseas. The quality of the food they serve is topnotch and the service was excellent too. Every dish we got was interesting and it felt like an adventure for my guests and I – we were constantly referring back to the menu and trying to find the ingredients in the dish. Honestly, I’ve never experienced this kind of cooking from a local startup, and I think it was encouraging for me to see this couple step out and start something so revolutionarily new, not sure if either of them have a chef background though.

The food is good and I will go back, but do note, it is on the pricey side so maybe save this place for a nice occasion. Once you’re there though, I’m sure you won’t regret the experience and the food. Morsels is definitely a MUST TRY for all Singaporean foodies.

SUPPORT LOCAL! Visit Morsels at:

35 Mayo Street

Tel: 63966302


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