Skinny Latte ($5.80, I think) – Latte was served with a cute little biscuit that was yummy! All lattes should be accompanied by cute homemade biscuit men.


Big Breakfast ($24) – This was literally a BIG breakfast. It came with everything you’d wanna eat at breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, hashbrown, tomato… I thought the most unique part of this dish was the fruit butter. I think it’s a mix of butter and jam/fruit, which is refrigerated and then serve as spread for the toast, trés intelligent!


Flan ($23) – This was absolutely delicious. The waitress recommended it to me and I did not regret ordering it at all. It’s two huge chunks of pork cheek confit served in a very thin wafer like “tart shell” with sauteed mushrooms, a poached egg and a mixture of onions, cream and pommery mustard. The pork was perfectly cooked and it paired so well with the rest of the components. I don’t usually like mushrooms but this was so good, I ate them all together anyway. I wished they’d call it something else though, “Flan” is too simple and non-explanatory a name for such an amazing dish.


Espresso Semifreddo (approx. $14) – Semi-frozen milk pudding sitting on puffed rice. This wasn’t too sweet at all and was light enough to end off our meal on a sweet note without leaving us feeling like elephants.

Overall my experience at Symmetry was positive, especially since the food was amazing and the service wasn’t bad. I was blessed to have gotten a table at 12pm on Saturday even though I didn’t make a prior reservation. It did, however, get quite packed so if you’re thinking about visiting Symmetry, it might be a good idea to make a reservation. Also, I would say Symmetry is on  the slightly higher price range.


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