Tom Dixon Popup Pizzeria

I’d been anticipating this event since the day I heard about it. There aren’t enough popup restaurants in Singapore – I think it’s such a cool concept! This popup event was put together by Xtra and Kith Bistro, Xtra provided the furniture and accessories while Kith catered for the food and drinks. The furniture and accessories were designed by Tom Dixon and hence the event was called “Tom Dixon Popup Pizzeria”.


I thought this was probably the highlight of the event – the chef makes all the pizzas to order in the display window


The menu for the night – affordable


Tom Dixon light fixtures


Salmon Pizza (top) & Pepperoni Pizza (bottom) – my friends and I really enjoyed both pizzas. The crust was, in my opinion, perfect. It was thin and crispy but not too crispy that it falls apart when you bite into it. The toppings were very well paired and given in just the right amount. I don’t usually eat smoked salmon or sashimi but this salmon pizza was really yummy. By the end of the night, three of us girls finished 12 out of 16 slices of pizza, telling of how good the pizza was.


Each diner had a wooden slab, kind of like a cheeseboard, and disposable wooden utensils as a place setting. It was simple but fitting to the theme.

We really had a good time at the popup pizzeria, though we didn’t buy anything designed by Tom Dixon. I was just slightly disappointed and perplexed at why we couldn’t takeaway the leftover slices of pizza. The waitress told us that the there was strictly no takeaway because they didn’t have pizza boxes. I understand that they didn’t want to let people come in and order whole pizzas to takeaway but I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t let existing customers who have obviously eaten their fill takeaway leftovers, despite the fact that I said that I didn’t even mind taking them away in a brown paper bag. But other than that, the evening went pretty well.

Since the pizzeria no longer exists after tonight, I can’t give any address for it. However, if you’d like to visit Kith Bistro, you can go to:

9 Penang Road

#01-01E Park Mall

Tel: 63388611

You can check out my other visits to Kith by typing “Kith” in the search function. It’s definitely high up on my list of my “go-to” places.


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