Cups N Canvas


Back: Mango Orange Juice ($5.80) & Cucumber Mint Iced Tea ($5.80)

Front: Carrot Cake ($6)

The cucumber mint iced tea was probably the winner of this lot. It was really refreshing and didn’t have too much of a raw cucumber taste. It was a tad bit too sweet for my liking but I enjoyed it nonetheless. There was nothing exceptionally good or bad about the carrot cake but it was worth the $6 just cause it was huge.


Sweet Potato Latte ($4.80) – This drink was one of the recommendations. It looks, tastes and sounds really unique. Pam said it tastes like bubur cha cha, and didn’t really appeal to her tastebuds (she rates it 1/5). I guess unless you’re feeling adventurous, or want something rich and sweet, or feel like having bubur cha cha then maybe this isn’t for you.

I didn’t get to try the coffee this time, but I might return to try it again if I’m around the area. Another thing that sounds interesting to try is the ice blended sticky date pudding drink. Overall our experience there was enjoyable, especially because the service was good and it wasn’t too crowded.

139 Selegie Road

Tel: 68846855


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